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[UI/UX] Explore Vancouver App

“It could take millennials up to 29 years to save enough money to afford a home in some of Canada’s biggest cities.“ [financialpost.com]

It’s becoming increasingly expensive to live in Vancouver, as a 2018 survey by Huffpost shows, millennials are leaving the lower Mainland at an increased rate from previous years. 

Domestic tourism accounts for 80% of total revenue (220 billion in 2015) derived from the tourism industry. 

    —Canadians would rather explore around their country / city than travel internationally.


Partner with the Tourism Vancouver board to create an app built to increase emotional connections between the city of Vancouver and all ages of the population / tourists and decrease millennial decline. 

The app is designed as a wayfinding tool that shows you the active events and significant destinations around you at all times, allowing you to participate in the culture and pulse of the area. 

[Location: Mock Project] [Contributors: Sole] [Affinity Designer]

This project is not completed, keep an eye out for updates!