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[UI/UX] Explore Vancouver App

“It could take millennials up to 29 years to save enough money to afford a home in some of Canada’s biggest cities.“ [financialpost.com] 

It’s becoming increasingly expensive to live in Vancouver, as a 2018 survey by Huffpost shows, millennials are leaving the lower Mainland at an increased rate from previous years. 


Domestic tourism accounts for 80% of total revenue (220 billion in 2015) derived from the tourism industry. 
    —Canadians would rather explore around their country / city than travel internationally.
> Out of 70 consulted blogs and posts online about living in Vancouver, 18 mentioned the culture there positively, 15 discussed places to go or places they enjoyed shopping and 10 talked about the people they met or who lived in the area, discussions on weather and seasons were also common.


Partner with the Tourism Vancouver board to create an app built to increase emotional connections between the city of Vancouver and all ages of the population / tourists and decrease millennial decline. 

[Location: Mock Project] [Contributors: Sole] [Affinity Designer]

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