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South Carolina Aquarium Work

[Shark Week Scavenger Hunt]

In celebration of Shark Week, the aquarium wanted to engage guests with an interactive scavenger hunt around the grounds. Because COVID-19 limited the ability to pass out a fillable sheet, I came up with the idea to have several hidden stanchions spell out a shark-themed word as you progressed through the scavenger hunt, letting you simply say the word to the front desk to collect your prize. 

[Turtle Trek 2020 Event Branding]

I was in charge of creating the look and feel of Turtle Trek, an annual fundraising event designed to bring revenue to the aquarium and the Sea Turtle Care Center. The goal was to create a graphic that was fun, bright and engaging. This was translated into a variety of ad and email layouts, as well as special photo overlays for Facebook so runners could show their virtual support. 

[Special Event Buttons]

These fun, kid-focused buttons were designed to make coming to the aquarium on a special day a celebration. 

[Coloring Book Pages]

Created as a fun tie-in to a new aquarium exhibit called “Monsters: From Micro to Mega.”