Southface Institute is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that works with communities, builders, and the green workforce to develop tangible green-building solutions. 

Bioretention Educational Signage 
Researched, wrote, and designed the content for this set of signs at Southface Sarasota. I aimed to make it kid-friendly, while still talking on important and sometimes confusing topics. 

Visionary Dinner
Designed the event identity for the Visionary Dinner — including the logo, program and digital materials, and a swag cookbook. Worked with vendors to produce all printed collateral. 

Newsletter Revamp
A refresh of the historically text-focused Southface newsletter with new callout buttons and in-text links led to a substantial increase in email engagement. Clicks on the newsletter increased by 2x and once in they engaged with content 4x more than before.
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The Peel Podcast
Listen to simply the zest sustainability podcast in Florida.