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Southface Institute

Southface Institute is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that works with communities to make affordable utilities, resilient homes, businesses, and community-serving buildings available to everyone.

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Email Newsletter Case Study

The email newsletter at Southface was historically very text-focused with low engagement. I identified this as a key channel for change and made visual improvements over the last year, greatly increasing engagment.

Since early 2021, the amount of people who clicked on the newsletter increased by 2x and once in, engaged with content 4x more than before.

2022 Jan. Newsletter ︎︎︎ Here
Audience Size: 12k~
Unique Clicks: 200
Total Clicks: 770

2020 Dec. Newsletter ︎︎︎ Here
Audience Size: 12k~
Unique Clicks: 60
Total Clicks: 184