Davis Foster

'Grand Viridian' Website


‘Grand Viridian’ Website

Brief: Create and concept a website for a fictional hotel, designed to entice the viewer and make it an easy choice to stay

Tools: Site-Mapping, Wireframing, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Copywriting

Timeline: Two weeks

Contributors: Sole


Grand Viridian is a fictional luxury hotel nestled between the Swiss alps. The website serves as a promotional tool that sells the experience and the various add on packages you can add to your stay. A focus on modern black-and-white design elements allows the scenery to speak for itself, unburdened by detailed UI or excessive color.

Website Scroll Through


Main Page

Starts with punchy copy that helps draw your attention to the full scope of the Grand Viridian and immediately shows you available villas to help place you in the setting.

Additional packages are included here, corresponding with our calls to action: “Explore, Savor, Stay” to further entice the viewer into adding one on to their stay.


VILLA Selection

Designed to further place the viewer at the Grand Viridian, allowing them to see the actual place and views they might get to experience.

Further promotes additional packages.



A minimal layout that aims to give you all the information upfront for any needs you may have inside or outside the property.