Davis Foster

RecSports Works


University of Florida RecSports

At UF Recsports I created cross-platform graphics for the many facilities and events Recsports offered. Below are snippets of some of the work I’ve had the privilege to work on for the university.


Every semester, a designer gets the chance to rebrand the identity of the ‘Find Your Right’ booklets, three in total, that inform gym patrons of each department’s event schedule and paid services. This section will soon be updated with the finalized insides as well.

“Adventure Race: Unleashed” Branding

Sign posts created to help direct over 50 teams of triathalon participants. Below is the T-shirt I designed that the teams would receive upon arriving at the competition.


Annual Report Rebrand

The annual report had historically been a very dry document full of columns and rows and I was asked to find a more engaging way to share the same information.



I created a brochure with a layout designed to show and detail the various services and facilities Gator One card holders were entitled to.


Web Slider Example

A part of my responsibility was creating graphics of various sizes for RecSports TV’s, the website and social platforms.


Wauburg At-Site Poster