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Studio 2058 Branding

Identity, Branding

Studio 2058 Branding [Award Winning]

Branding, Identity

Studio 2058 was created during the Summer of ’17 in a joint effort with Benny Torres, an adjunct lecturer from Leo Burnett at the University of Florida.

We discovered that students in the College of Journalism and Communications wanted to do real work for companies, but had no time for an internship. Meanwhile, student entrepreneurs at the CJC were starting their own businesses, but had no staffing support from the college.

We bridged the gap between the two by turning an empty lab room into an advertising incubator that aimed to serve as a connector between generations of students, student entrepreneurs and advertising professionals at the University of Florida.

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The simple black and white branding theme allows us to push what we do as far as we can. Our color scheme gives us a base that we can change and adapt, letting 2058 serve as a blank canvas to our students. Anything can be done to our logo, and any branded materials are prone to change as we let our students test their design skills as they see fit.

2018 Silver Addy Award

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